The X-1R Corporation Michelin Wheel & Tire Care Program Products

Step 1: Michelin Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Michelin Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a new, safe alternative to harsh acid wheel cleaners. Powerful cleaning agents in this biodegradable cleaner take on the tough job of removing brake dust, dirt, and road film - the first critical step in caring for you wheels and tires

  • Powerful cleaning without harmful acids

  • Safe for use on all types of wheels and tires

  • Environmentally safe

Available sizes: 24 oz

Step 2: Michelin 3 in 1 Tire Shine

Michelin Tire Shine is the most advanced tire protectant technology available. It replaces vital components that are lost due to cleaning and aging while leaving  tires with a lustrous shine. It is the only tire shine product approved by Michelin for use on car and truck tires.

  • Provides durable, natural-looking shine

  • Replenishes components lost to cleaning and aging

  • The ONLY Tire Shine approved by Michelin

Available sizes: 24 oz 

Step 3: Michelin Brake Dust Repellent

Michelin Brake Dust Repellent uses patent-pending technology to guard against the unsightly and damaging buildup of brake dust, road film, and other soils. And because the thin, repellent barrier doesn't give brake dust and dirt the chance to adhere to wheels, subsequent cleanings are quicker and easier than ever.

  • Repels brake dust and road grime

  • Keeps wheels and tires cleaner longer

  • Patent-pending technology

Available sizes: 15 oz